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As the global market leader in chemical distribution, Brenntag bears a particular responsibility in many areas, and as the company has grown, so too has the importance of sustainability at Brenntag.

Our approach to sustainability is influenced by several aspects. On the one hand, there are internal factors such as occupational safety, environmental protection and employee matters. On the other, our customers and suppliers are increasingly requesting sustainable products and solutions as well as supply chain analyses with regard to sustainability issues. As the world’s largest chemical distributor, Brenntag also aims to be a leader in sustainability and sees this as a clear competitive edge.

Dr Dirk Eckert has been responsible for sustainability at Brenntag since 2012. He is continuously developing our sustainability programme together with a global network of experts from the Brenntag regions and different department units from our headquarters in Essen.

» Brenntag’s sustainability programme creates value in multiple ways, as it helps to minimize risks, reduce costs, motivate people and generate new kinds of business. And in a wider context, in collaboration with many other companies and initiatives, it supports the sustainable development of our society and planet. «

Brenntag is already a leader in sustainability in chemical distribution. We were one of the first chemical distributors to sign up to the UN Global Compact and issue regular sustainability reports in accordance with international reporting standards. We have been awarded gold recognition level by sustainability rating specialist EcoVadis, placing us in the top 1% of rated companies in our sector.

Moreover, Brenntag is the only chemical distributor that is a member of the chemical industry initiative “Together for Sustainability”. Focused on procurement, the “Together for Sustainability” initiative has implemented a global audit and assessment programme with a view to ensuring sustainable working practices in the global chemical value chain. The close collaboration through the initiative enables Brenntag to learn from other participants’ best practices and established standards.

In addition, all assessment and audit results are shared within the initiative. This gives Brenntag access to the sustainability ratings of several thousand suppliers. The transparency Brenntag thus attains over its supply chain makes it easier to better manage risks and answer customer queries focusing on the sustainability of product / supplier combinations.

Dr Dirk Eckert works closely together with colleagues in Essen and around the globe to further develop Brenntag’s sustainability approach.


In 2016, Brenntag for the first time defined and published sustainability targets for the target year 2020. They reflect the sustainability issues of material importance to Brenntag and our relevant stakeholder groups. Setting these objectives enables the Group’s sustainability strategy to be set out in more concrete terms, better delineated and ultimately made more tangible. At the same time, they help to better prioritize projects and make progress quantifiable.


Transparent sustainability reporting in accordance with established standards is becoming ever more important for listed companies like Brenntag and the requirements on this type of reporting have been steadily increasing. Not only a growing number of customers and suppliers, but also other stakeholders such as investors and governments expect companies to disclose “non-financial” information on environmental, safety, compliance, human rights and labour-related issues. For several years now, Brenntag has therefore published an annual sustainability report and provided comprehensive information on its website.

» Through our reporting, we not only want to provide transparent information on the progress of our sustainability activities. At the same time, we want to show our stakeholders Brenntag’s versatility and commitment far beyond its day-to-day business in an interesting and readable manner. «

Verena Blaschke

Project Manager, Corporate Communications

In recent years, Brenntag has worked continuously to further develop its reporting and make it more professional. In addition, we are in contact with other companies and closely follow the discussions and developments in our industry, in politics and in society. The sustainability reports are prepared in accordance with the internationally accepted standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the principles of the UN Global Compact.