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Brenntag is the world’s largest chemical distributor. With its workforce of more than 15,000 at more than 530 locations in 74 countries around the globe, the Group has continued to greatly expand its presence in recent years – and yet is able to respond to its partners’ needs with maximum flexibility and speed. Our international footprint yields benefits that feed into the myriad Brenntag units and are also a boon to our partners.

» Brenntag has grown enormously in recent years. Yet we remain focused on our core business, chemical distribution. The Group is underpinned by its ambitious and talented employees, who put our global logistics network to optimum use and work closely together worldwide. Leveraging this extensive expertise, we offer our partners tailored solutions and services that no other chemical distributor is able to provide. «

Steven Holland


» For many years now, the Brenntag Group has had a strong and balanced financial profile that we have built over time. We can look back on a number of successful financial transactions – and have thus established an excellent market reputation. «

Georg Müller


» The EMEA region is marked by the diversity of its countries. In recent years, we have implemented a range of initiatives to increase efficiency in EMEA. The countries across the region continue to differ in many respects, but we have made the transition to a truly European approach. We see further potential for growth, as we focus on expertise in core industries such as life science and develop value added services for our partners. «

Karsten Beckmann

Board Member

» North America is one of two large regions in our Group and makes a significant contribution to consolidated earnings. In recent years, we have demonstrated our resilience and growth potential by adapting swiftly to the environment around us. Each one of the almost 5,000 employees on our team makes every effort to fulfil our customers’ requirements in the best possible way. «

Markus Klähn

Board Member

» Asia Pacific is the youngest Brenntag region and within a short space of time we have created a platform with more than 2,000 employees covering South East Asia, India, Australia and New Zealand as well as China. The cultural differences we encounter here are diverse. Due to our network and our excellent relationships with numerous suppliers, no other chemical distributor is able to respond as swiftly and flexibly to our business partners’ requirements. «

Henri Nejade

Board Member