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Brenntag is the world’s largest distributor of specialty chemicals and in recent years has placed greater focus on expanding its life science business, which most notably includes food and nutrition. The opening at Group headquarters of two new, state-of-the-art application centres – one for food and nutrition and one for cosmetics – underscores Brenntag’s targeted efforts to align business activities in these industries.

For many years, Brenntag has been one of the most experienced partners to the food industry, where trends change or evolve very quickly. Consumers’ growing awareness of nutrition and health issues demands continual improvements to products. Besides expertise, a reliable distributor of ingredients and additives must therefore offer speed and flexibility too, especially to food manufacturers.

Annika Janicke is a member of the food and nutrition team in the German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). She is a food scientist and works in technical marketing. Annika talks about the team’s close working relationship with its customers:

» The food industry is very innovative, and we at Brenntag always aim to be one step ahead of current trends. In order to best serve the customer’s requirements, we always develop a tailored end-to-end package of solutions and services. «



The customer often comes to us with particular problems, with the intention of developing a new product or improving an existing one. This might involve improving the appearance, taste, shelf life, texture or colour, for example, or enriching a product with vitamins or minerals. We also need to find out how much market potential a product has or may have in the future.


The team covers the entire length of the customer service chain. The sales wing is made up of commercial staff working internally and in the field. The sales representatives proactively interact with customers on a continuous basis and prepare quotations and agreements. The business development staff offer customers technical advice when selecting ingredients.

Together with the application engineers – in this case, food engineers – they assist customers with all the processes that we are able to carry out in our application centres, such as developing formulations, preparing flavour profiles and improving product features. Our application engineers know exactly how ingredients are best combined, how they interact with one another and under what conditions they are best processed in order to achieve optimal results for the customer.

» The food industry is very complex and diverse in its requirements, which is also reflected in the composition of our team. In addition to devising and implementing promotional and communications activities, my tasks also include carrying out extensive market research, the results of which support strategic decisions. «



Our experts undergo continuous training and watch the food and beverages market so as to keep abreast of new trends and be able to respond swiftly and flexibly to our customers’ individual requirements. Through the Brenntag network, we share our expertise both internally and with our partners – often across continents. This transfer of knowledge offers the customer real added value and leads to strong customer loyalty.


Brenntag works with the best manufacturers of ingredients and additives and can always guarantee that ingredients are fully documented and traceable. Our customers therefore benefit not only from our state-of-the-art application centres, but also from compliance with ever stricter quality standards in the food industry.

Brenntag is already the leader in chemical distribution. Our employees’ expertise, our network with application centres all over the world and, in particular, our access to customers and suppliers are the best foundations from which to expand the life science business. In doing so, we consider it important to change the perception of the Brenntag brand – after all, we offer much more than pure-play chemical distribution.

* Food & Nutrition DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)